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TOPPER’S UNIVERSE aims to revolutionize the way career guidance is provided. We have listed Top Rankers & Experts who can provide Personalized, Unbiased and Professional Guidance to aspirants regarding various exams and career fields.

The Toppers & Experts provide guidance based on prior experience and field/industry knowledge. They are the best persons to provide such guidance because:

  • They have gone through the same process.
  • They understand the nitty-gritty of the situation.
  • They can guide on the both the “Road Taken and Road Not Taken” (~Robert Frost).
How can I take career guidance from a Topper/Expert?

Toppers and Experts provide guidance through an online session (zoom meet) at pre-selected time which can be booked from their profile page.

How can I book a session?

To book a session follow the below steps-

  • Login/Sign-up on the website of TOPPER’S UNIVERSE via Homepage. Provide the OTP received on the given email ID to complete the Sign-up process.
  • Now, you can search for the particular Exam/Field for which you want to take guidance. To search, you can write Exam/Field name in the Search Bar given on top of the Home-Page or scroll through all exams and fields in the ‘Our Categories’ section on Home-Page.
  • Click on the Exam/Field (image) to go to the Toppers/Experts Listing Page. Click on 'Book a session’ button to view the details of services provided by that Topper/Expert. To view the achievements of the Topper/Expert, click on the ‘View’ button (Refer the red box in the below image). Here, you can also see the ratings provided by students/aspirants for that Topper/Expert.
  • The sessions provided are timed sessions. You can choose any of the available standard duration and the service you want to take from the service drop down box. (Refer below)

    Below this section, you can find the details of services that are provided by the Topper/Expert.
  • Now, select a time slot from the available slots and make the payment. Your session will be booked. You will receive the session details and payment confirmation on your registered email ID.
What happens if the amount is deducted from my account but the session is not booked?

In this scenario, the amount shall be refunded to you in 7-8 working days* (depending upon mode of original payment). You can proceed to book another session by making a fresh payment.

I can’t find my preferred Exam or Field category or No Topper/Expert is available in my preferred category, what should I do?

If you can’t find any Exam/Field or there are no Toppers/Experts available in a category, don’t worry. We are rigorously expanding in multiple genres and services. Visit the website again in a few days and you might find something suitable to your needs.

Where can I find your account details, for instance, payment history, session history, etc.?

After Login/Signup, go to Home Page >> Welcome >> Dashboard (Refer below)

Here, you can find all your Transactions and Meetings (sessions). You can also view the Reviews & Ratings given by you to Toppers and view any queries posted on your behalf and their answers. (Refer below)

How can I Rate or provide Review for a Topper/Expert?

After the session is completed, you can provide a review and rating to the respective Topper/Expert. We encourage you to provide honest ratings and reviews.

Can I raise a query after the session with Topper/Expert is completed?

You can only raise 1 query in each of the 55-Minutes session booked by you after 5 minutes of the session end time. To raise a query, Login/Signup >> go to ‘Dashboard’ >> select ‘Meeting’. You cannot raise any query in any other session duration.

Can I cancel a session after it is booked?

No. Cancellation of a session is not allowed.

Can I modify (reschedule, change of service, etc.) a session after it is booked?

No, you cannot modify any of the details after the session is booked. Although, if you ask any questions that are not related to the Service/Description that you provided, the Topper/Expert can answer such questions at his/her discretion.

Can Topper/Expert cancel/reschedule the session?

No, Topper/Expert cannot cancel any booked session.

However, they can reschedule a booked session anytime upto 2 hours before the session start time. In that case, you will receive a notification on your email ID and mobile no. of the booked session being rescheduled by Topper/Expert. When you receive this notification, you will be required to select a new date and timing for the session from the availability given by the Topper/Expert on his/her calendar.

Should I provide my personal details to Topper/Expert?

To ensure your own safety, you must never give your personal details (email id, mobile no., etc.) to any of the Topper/Expert. Information given for the purpose of the career guidance (like education history, etc.) are not a part of personal details.

What happens if I don’t attend a session?

If you don’t attend/show up for a booked session, the session will be deemed to be completed at the session end time. No refund or reschedule will be allowed in such cases.

What happens if the Topper/Expert don’t attend the session?

Kindly wait for 5-10 min before closing the session. In case the vendor doesn’t join then, option to book for another meeting or refund will be provided

How to select a topper?

We have curated the best individuals for every field and exam.

Explore the detailed profiles of the listed toppers to discover the services they offer.

Choose a topper whose aspirations align with yours.

Check the languages they speak to ensure effective communication.

Review their availability and select a suitable time slot that suits your schedule best.

How to become an expert on Toppers Universe?

Sign-up on our website

Fill out all the details like your name, field, and achievement. Make sure to upload documents such as AIR certificate, Merit Certificate, Screenshot of your Instagram/Youtube/Any other social media page as proof of your achievement.

Our team will verify the details and get in touch with you within 3 days.

For more questions, feedback and suggestions, please write to us at

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